AUC (Authenticated User Community)

About The Project

Getting AUC

Stable Release

The current version of AUC is 0.7.4, released October 1, 2001. It is available here as both tar.gz and RPM format under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

NOTE for version 0.7.4: If upgrading to 0.7.4 using the tarball from a previous version, run 'rm /var/www/auc/headtags.*' before installing version 0.7.4 in order to get the new character set improvements (non-english languages will not display correctly if you do not do this).

Development Release

The latest development sources can be downloaded from CVS with the following commands. When prompted for a password, just press enter.

cvs login
cvs -z3 co modulename

modulename can be one of auc or auc-sampleplugin. After downloading, use the INSTALL file for installation instructions, except type ./ instead of ./configure.

As this is a development release, it is recommended that you stay up to date by signing up for the development mailing list. Information is available on the Development Page. Also, the bug reporting system there should be used for reporting bugs.


The Plugin API has been revised for 0.7.x. As of now, there are no third-party plugins available for download, but I have made the following example package available as a template. Check out the README file for information on what the API is capable of.

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