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5.1. What is my "People List"?

On your Start Page, you will see a panel called "People", which you can use to create a list of the other students on AUC that you communicate with most. Once you have added another student or teacher to your People List (see Section 5.2), their name will appear on your Start Page, along with an e-mail icon, which allows you to send an e-mail to them instantly with your AUC e-mail client.

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5.2. Searching for People on AUC

To find and add other AUC-users to your People List, simply type some part of their names into the "Search" field in your Start Page "People" panel, and click "Search." This will bring up a list of every AUC user who matches the word that you searched for. Click on the name of the student or teacher you were looking for to see their directory information, and click the "Add" link at the top of the page to add them to your "People List" -- it's as easy as that.

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5.3. Editing Your Directory Information

You may have noticed that wherever a user's name appears (including your own, at the top of every page!), there is a small pencil icon next to it. Clicking on the pencil icon will open that user's Directory Information, which provides you with whatever data they have chosen to make available. To edit your own Directory Information, click on the pencil next to your name, and then click on "Add Information To My Entry."

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